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About Us

The Beginning: Wondante began when I stumbled upon a collection of classic patent art. I was so impressed by the standard of the art and shared them with everyone. Not only was the art instantly recognizable, but the drawings of the things we use everyday. That's what makes Wondante so particular. Here our clients can find something which they can connect with. What we are doing is actually a family business. What began has rapidly grown to include more household members. We've brought in additional household help for client support and production. We've a superb lineup of products.

And we're always expanding what we offer. Please don't hesitate to ask us anything. Bottom Line: Wondante objective is to make you happy. We work really hard to answer questions fast and get your order out the door. Please check our feedback and you'll see how popular our goods are! Have any questions? . Reach us out.
Address: 917 Crossroads Plaza, Fort Mill, SC 29708​